What IS Microblading?

There’s been a lot of talk on here about semi-permanent fabulous eyebrows, knows as Everlasting Brows, using a technique called microblading. But what exactly IS microblading? We’ve pooled together sources from everywhere to give you the most comprehensive explanation we can, to answer all those burning questions about this hot new trend!

Technique of drawing eyebrows

Here are the basics:

  • Microblading uses a row of thin needles to create a semi-permanent tattoo
  • The thin needles make fine marks on the skin that resemble hairs
  • Pigment (colour) is applied into each fine etch to mimic eyebrow hairs exactly
  • Colours from blonde through red to brown and black are possible with custom mixes made for each person
  • The manual technique creates much finer hair strokes than traditional eyebrow tattooing can
  • The results last up to 18 months
  • Microblading does not affect your natural hair growth in any way
  • The initial result is slightly darker/more vibrant than the final healed look 4 weeks later which is a softer result
  • Downtime after the procedure is in hours – the skin may be slightly red but only slightly more than waxing/threading.

To see the procedure in action, follow the link to our site: Microblading Video

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Everlasting Brows – The eyebrow game is changing!

Imagine waking up with perfectly filled and shaped, full, natural looking brows. Sounds like a dream right? Well it is very much a reality thanks to the amazing microblading technique for semi-permanent make-up application. Using the slimmest blade, the most realistic hair-like stokes are etched onto the brow, alongside your natural hairs, so that the results are completely undetectable! Just look at some of these before and after photos!

The results last for up to 2 years, the whole procedure takes just 90 minutes, and there is almost no down time for recovery. You walk out of the studio, looking amazing! It also works to cover scars in eyebrows where hair won’t grow, or to add hairs to extend the inner point of arch and tail of the brow. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever your dream eyebrow shape and thickness, it is now achievable with Everlasting Brows by Dee & Dal!

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