What IS Microblading?

There’s been a lot of talk on here about semi-permanent fabulous eyebrows, knows as Everlasting Brows, using a technique called microblading. But what exactly IS microblading? We’ve pooled together sources from everywhere to give you the most comprehensive explanation we can, to answer all those burning questions about this hot new trend!

Technique of drawing eyebrows

Here are the basics:

  • Microblading uses a row of thin needles to create a semi-permanent tattoo
  • The thin needles make fine marks on the skin that resemble hairs
  • Pigment (colour) is applied into each fine etch to mimic eyebrow hairs exactly
  • Colours from blonde through red to brown and black are possible with custom mixes made for each person
  • The manual technique creates much finer hair strokes than traditional eyebrow tattooing can
  • The results last up to 18 months
  • Microblading does not affect your natural hair growth in any way
  • The initial result is slightly darker/more vibrant than the final healed look 4 weeks later which is a softer result
  • Downtime after the procedure is in hours – the skin may be slightly red but only slightly more than waxing/threading.

To see the procedure in action, follow the link to our site: Microblading Video

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My lovely meeting with MyLovelyWedding.com



While searching the tinterweb for wedding blogs (something I often do!) I stumbled upon one Dubai-based website calledwww.mylovelywedding.com. It was full of really unique ways to decorate your wedding and ideas for party décor and themes in general. Like genuinely cool ideas that we haven’t seen done in Dubai. Jam jars as centrepieces, chalk boards as signage, bunting, lace – basically all things country chic that I love and miss from the UK’s ‘festival’ style weddings that are gaining massive popularity. ‘We’d better meet this creative creature’ I thought to myself and swiftly set up a coffee date.

Upon arrival we were greeted with a gorgeous individual who introduced herself as Joelle, the founder of The Lovely Group and MyLovelyWedding.com. We sat and chatted forever about décor, our own weddings, her unique style and ideas for every party you can think of. By the end of it we were wide-eyed and pumped about the next party we were going to throw! Cute ideas were overwhelming my brain and, at one point I’ll admit, I did think ‘Dammit, if I’d just met you before my wedding there’s things I would have changed!’. I think we all feel it at some point. I’ve been getting serious theme-envy from looking at these blogs and some CRAZY dress-envy from wedding dress shopping with my bride-to-be friends. But I guess it’s just one day at one point in your life and your likes change everyday – so there’ll always be a point that you go ‘oh that would have been cool!’ and wish you had done it for yourself!



Anyhow, I digress. It’s been a week since our meeting and Dee is already in cahoots with Joelle about organising and decorating a baby-shower that she’s throwing for her friend. I can’t rant enough about this girl. Every day she calls Dee with some new fabulous idea she’s had for décor, and yesterday, sorted the whole catering and décor out at an AMAZING price. I’ll never try and organise a party myself again and I urge you – for anything you need be it just some décor to rent (she has an office full of the CUTEST stuff you can use) or a full party planner – call Joelle, you will not regret it!


Toodles for now!

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