My first ever D.I.Y. layered haircut!

So me and my friend Leah were discussing haircuts last night. She had just been to the salon to have her hair trimmed straight and it looked lovely. I was mentioning my boredom of my hair – it’s so long now, and kind of lifeless. Leah suggested I get choppy layers cut in – what a good idea! Eurgh, but making an appointment at the salon and having my curly hair washed and fussed with – I didn’t wanna!

Leah said she had seen someone having their hair cut IN the salon by having it all scraped to the top of their head and snipped off in one straight line. This reminded me of a haircut I had once had in Egypt as a child when they did the same thing. I think they actually braided my hair straight up and snipped the end off!

Now me and Dee have been dying and trimming each others hair for as long as I can remember. Her current ombre hair colour and short cut are courtesy of moi! But we’ve never mastered the layering, or cutting of our own hair. 

After a spot of googling and youtubing I found hundreds of videos explaining how to cut layers into your own hair and it looked easy! What better way to spend the afternoon than hacking your own hair off?? There’s something strangely satisfying about it!

I scraped all my hair onto the top of my head and thought – wait – I should really picture document this! So here it is, my picture documentation of my first ever, very own layered hair cut!



I have to say I’m super happy with the results. It’s SO easy to do as well and the positioning of the ponytail relative to the gradient of the layers (the closer to the front the more dramatic the gradient) is good to know! The length is hardly changed and it has some oomf to it now. It’ll look super cool when I leave it curly and it’s all shapely now instead of blocky.

You can find hundreds of videos on how to do this – but the basics are covered in my illustration above. Try it, don’t try it, it’s totally up to you (i.e. not my fault if you mess up your hair!), just thought I’d share with ya’all.


Before (left) and after!


Toodles for now!

Dal xx