ImPress Nails Changed My…Nails

So as most of you know, me and Dal recently got an endorsement deal with Kiss USA (yay!) which is awesome as they have a whole bunch of great products, aside from their lashes which we’re completely addicted to.

So when we sat with Kiss, they introduced us to their ImPress nails by one of the companies under Kiss USA called Broadway Nails. To be honest my first impression when they mentioned them was a little *yawn* – so what, everyone makes stick on nails.

Now I’ve always had crappy nails. I have no idea why, but they only ever get to a certain length before breaking and peeling. So I always have them short and they always look kinda scruffy (I’m the person hiding their nails in meetings 😦 ). I’ve used most types of stick on nails and the glue completely trashes my already fragile nails. Gelish I hear you cry? Been there, done that, had the paper thin nails to show at the end of it.


So here’s where I go back to ImPress nails. As soon as I took them out of their awesome packaging (packed into a nail varnish shaped bottle – too cute!) I realised they were different from other nails. They were soft and bendy – almost like a thick layer of nail polish. The other thing is that instead of glue, they had an adhesive stuck to them. So you just peel off the sticker and put them straight onto your nail! So they seemed to already be looking like a great product to me – but i won’t vouch for anything until I’ve tried it. If something passes the Dee test, it must be good! I’m very fussy! So right there in the meeting, I opened up a pack and began giving myself an ImPress manicure. OMG! The fact that they’re soft means they form to your nail and aren’t painful when you first wear them, they stick on really well and make your nails look PERFECT!


But this isn’t the best part. The nails lasted about a week – they probably would’ve actually lasted longer, but my impatience and bored with a colour after a certain amount of time made me do the unthinkable….PEEL THEM OFF! I winced and peeled slowly, expecting to reveal a gammy, thin, demolished nail underneath. My nails were EXACTLY as they had been before I put them on. NO peeling, no damage, nothing! Suffice to say, from this point on – I Was hooked! Fantastic nails as often as I wanted?! And ones I could suddenly just peepl off when i was colour bored and needing a change?! YES PLEASE!

In the following days, our box of kiss goodies arrived (I cannot explain to you how exciting it is to receive a pink box FULL of gorgeous lashes and beautiful nails in all colours – the picture below is Dal beautifully demonstrating her excitement). Me and Dal were like kids in a candy store. Now you will never seen me with ugly, chipped away, naked nails again!
ImPress nails are now a crucial addition to our make-up kit and are available to our clients. You HAVE to try these. Each pack contains a really good range of sizes and they come in awesome colours. You’ll find them at most pharmacies 🙂 Let us know how you like them!

Dee xxx


2 thoughts on “ImPress Nails Changed My…Nails

  1. ImPress nails are great for business conferences or travelling – when you want your nails to stay prim and proper but don’t have time for maintenance. I find that soaking your tips one at a time in a gentle nail polish remover and then peeling gently from the sides inwards works best for removal. 🙂

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